The Naked Christmas

Ever wonder what Christmas would look like under all its paraphenalia?  This year, I'm getting a glimpse.  What is left when there is no snow, no decorations, no shopping, no caroling, no church dinners, no turkey, no family, no hustle and bustle, no tinsel, no trees, no presents, no baking, no smoked salmon or escargot (these last two are part of our personal favourites from France days!)... should I go on or do you get the picture?
This Christmas season, our first in the DRC, is unlike any other.  Better?  I'm not sure.  I have to admit I miss some of the trappings and definitely will miss not being with our kids for the first time ever on Christmas day.  But I certainly have had time to reflect - on the Gift and the Giver, on the wonder, the simplicity and the extraordinariness of it all.  God, our Saviour, dressed up as a baby! I somehow think that Mary was the one who got it right - quite simply, storing it all up and pondering all about Him in her heart.  So I too embrace this naked Christmas.  Pondering. Storing up.  And praying too that Christ would find room in my heart, not only during this season but every day.


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