The "heart" of the matter

I was thinking about an upcoming event in our family's life – the third major surgery to repair our grandson Liam's heart. He is 2 ½ years old. As his grandma, the idea of doctors cutting open his chest and his heart again, is almost too much to bear. Though I know with my head, that it's necessary and those who will be working on him are experts in the field, still my heart has greater difficulty contemplating what lies ahead. There is risk involved. And that risk involves a sweet little one that I have grown to love

This morning I read this verse and my heart was comforted and strengthened. “Indeed, he [the Lord] loves his people, and all his holy ones are in his hands.” (Deut 33:3a) God loves us. We are in His hands. What hope, joy and rest those 2 truths give me. To know that the God who took care in forming us, in forming him, is a God who loves us infinitely, completely. He is, in fact,  the very definition of love. Cherish. Honour. Protect. Give. Bless. He loves our Liam and Liam is in His hands. I have this mental image of God holding Liam's broken heart in His hands while He squeezes it to pump the life-giving blood through it. He is in His hands. I too am in His hands. And He loves us. Honestly, that is enough.  That is the heart of the matter.


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