i am only

When God said to Jeremiah "I knew you ... I consecrated you ... I appointed you ..." (Jeremiah 1:4), Jeremiah's response was the generic response of mankind, "Lord God, ... I am only ..."  And the truth of the matter is, he was "only".  But "only" didn't deter God.  We too are "only".  Don't you feel it when God says "here's the plans I have for you"?  I'm all thumbs.  I'm inadequate.  I'm not gifted for that.  I don't have what it takes.  I can't do it.  I've never done that before.  I'm only one person; what difference could I ever make?

I know what I'm talking about.  I'm the queen of "I am only".  I feel it every single day.  Each day I wake up to another day here under the congolese sun "I am only". 

In Jeremiah's case, God did not blast him for saying he was only.  Rather, a smile appeared on his face and a nod of agreement showed his approval.  In some sort of way, Jeremiah had understood.

"God tends, it would appear from stories of vocation in Scripture, almost always to call people who are too young, too timid, too old, or too immoral.  The story is not about the singular virtues of the one being called.  The story is about a risk-taking, bold sort of God who reaches in and calls people for divine service, giving them what they need for that service."  (Foster)

So, today as I feel "I am only", I see God's smile curling up his lips.  I see His nod of agreement in my assessment.  I hear him saying "Yes.  I know you ... I'm consecrating you ... I'm appointing you...".


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