My new life

Today marks two weeks since we arrived in Kinshasa - two weeks into our new life here in the Congo.  And new life it is!  It doesn't take many mintues of consciousness in the morning to know that we are no longer in Guelph. One of my first thoughts, I must confess, is, "I wonder if there will be running water today?"  If there is both running water AND electricity, that is indeed a phenomenal start to the day!  After  a little breakfast and wash (according to the water situation, of course),  time to read and pray together, reminding ourselves of all that does not change in our changed world ... our God Himself, His love, His grace and His passion for mission.  Beyond those things, absence or availability of running water or electricity pales in comparison.


  1. Hi Brenda and Richard.Congratulations on your 2 new conveniences! And you have Internet too! What type of place are you living in? Looking forward to keeping up with you on your blog. I will send you a facebook message too. Ruthann MacMillan.


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