Colouring outside the lines

When did it start? Colouring outside the lines, I mean.  It certainly wasn't as a child.  Then I prided myself at always colouring inside the lines. Fear made me careful.  But at some point in my life, the lines just seemed too confining. Faith seemed to demand more.  Doing what everyone else did or expected held little or no appeal.  And look where that train of thought has taken me!  Way outside the lines!!
So here I am again back in the Congo.  After 3 weeks in my Canadian homeland where there is order, security, reliability, cleanliness and running water, for goodness sake, somehow it's here where I am.  Colouring outside the lines again.  I am the first to admit, that it is not always comfortable and rarely glamorous.  No safaris and only sketchy electricity.  There are some days when just getting through them is all that I can do.  Don't even mention my kids, my family - the constant ache in my heart reminds me how I miss them something painfully crazy.  But then I get a glimmer of God and what He can do.  And what He wants to do in this world.  Then all I can say is "Give me a crayon, any colour - I have some colouring to do!"


  1. I used to have a book called "Color Me Beautiful" and your post reminded me that not only are the messengers of the Gospel blessed with beautiful feet, all the rest of them is beautiful too. The more you colour outside those lines and inside someone else's lines, the prettier you get.

  2. Hi, I just accidentally spotted your blog post over at Lynda Schultz's blog and am delighted to get acquainted with you and your ministry! I lived in Africa for 8 years, after my nest emptied, and have a heart for Africa. My blog post today is about missing my kids and family while I lived half a continent away. I KNOW how you feel about being separated from your family, but God bless you for being willing! I can also identify with your colouring inside the lines and eventually wanting to colour outside them -- me too! Like I said, I look forward to learning more about you and your ministry. I pray every day for the people of DRC.

    Linda Thomas

  3. Linda,
    Thanks for writing - I just said to someone yesterday, that I think only another missionary (and in this case especially, another missionary to Africa) can fully understand what it is like. I regret none of it but you still have to walk through every day, every experience in the grace of God.


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