I Fall down on my Knees for Africa

Lord, do you see what I'm seeing?
Do you hear the cries of the starving children, the orphans, the abused women, the sick, the poor and the millions of Africans who don't know if  they will eat again today?

"There is a God in heaven..."  Daniel 2:28

And I will fall down on my knees before that God for Africa.

"For apart from God there is no hope for Africa and no hope for the world". - Wilbur O'Donovan

Lord, I fall down on my knees for Africa.

"The truth that there is an omnipotent God who answers the prayers of His people provides hope to a hopeless world.  The true and living God is very much concerned about the condition of mankind in this world.  Beyond that, He has the power to change the terrible conditions of this world.  If God's people are willing to act on His commandments and His promises, miracles of change can take place." (p31 Biblical Christianity in Modern Africa)

So I fall down on my knees before this God for Africa...


  1. WOW! What powerful words! I've read them several times, trying to take them all in. The part that pierces my heart is, "IF God's people are willing to act...." May God help each of us to act, to fall down on our knees before Him on behalf of Africa and Africans. My heart remains there though I now live in the U.S. I pray each morning for Africans that I know, and for many I don't know, including those in DRC, and those who are there helping, like you! :)

    Richest blessings,

  2. Linda, I read these words today and just had to sit down, write and respond. It is really what God has been laying on my heart as He shows me the life that so many live. It is so easy to despair or to rage rather than bend head, heart and knees and then give hands to God for the work.

  3. Inspiring Brenda, thanks for sharing your heart and the leading of the Holy Spirit. I so agree that same circumstances that drive us to despair when turned to God fill us with hope. Blessings, Dave and Donna.


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