« Here I am, Lord »...

It was the response of Ananias when God told him to go to Saul, persecutor of the church and all believers, and commission him for divine service

The response of Mary, mother of the Son of God, when she found out that she would become an unwed teen mom in a culture where that would most certainly have unfavourable repercussions.

The response of Isaiah when God asked for a volunteer to go with a message to a people who would ultimately reject message and messenger alike.

The response of Samuel, just a boy, chosen to deliver a message of judgement to his spiritual chief and high priest.

The response of David when confronted by the taunting of the heathen giant, Goliath, as he stepped up to engage him with the help of 5 smooth stones, a slingshot, and full confidence in the strength of the Lord.

Moses, on the other hand responded with "Here I am.  Send Aaron"  and Barak with "Here I am but only if  Deborah too"

When God asks for volunteers, when He commissions, when He lays out His tough plans,  how will we respond?

"...only if..."
"...yes, but..."
"...not yet..."

God, give me the strength, the conviction, the confidence, the will, the desire to respond as men and women of old..."Yes, Lord.  Here I am".


  1. It's such a blessing to read your blog, it's always a good encouragement. Wow, how difficult to say "yes" without any excuses or conditions... Continue to share your reflexions with us, it is inspiring and it makes me think a lot! God bless. Catherine

  2. Catherine,
    I must confess that I write primarily for me - to give concrete expression to what is rattling around in my head and heart. Most often, I am just trying to work through things myself. If my few words can encourage or inspire in some small way, it's God's doing, for sure!
    Blessings, Brenda


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