Guided by God's Strength

Yesterday was not a fabulous day. 
As I sat wallowing in my thoughts that living here just always sucks the life out of me, I somehow stepped toward God and to His word.

"In your steadfast love you led the people whom you redeemed; you guided them by your strength to your holy abode"  Exodus 15:13

Words of hope.  Of consolation.  Of truth.

God's love is unfailing, steadfast - I can always count on it.
God does/will lead His people - it's His role and His delight to do so.
We are the people He has already redeemed, ransomed, bought with a price for a purpose.  Will he abandon us now when He has already invested so much?  Of course not!
He guides us by His strength.  Has it ever been more evident?  I cannot but He can - does - did - will!
Led by His strength speaks not only of the reality of His protection but my sense of being protected.  It means He will meet my needs.  And ultimately that His power will overcome adversity.  His strength - power, capacity, virility, force. 
And by that strength, He guides us to his holy abode, the place of his holiness - the place of awe, perfection, justice, righteousness, the place of perspective, understanding, contentment, rest.

Lord, by YOUR strength, lead me to that place of your holy rest where nothing and no one can come between me and your plans.


  1. Merci, j'avais besoin de lire ça! C'est bon de se rappeler ces vérités.


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