Doing something : FAIMprojects

After living over three years in the DRC,  I would say that most certainly we have a better handle on what life is really like here.  We have seen poverty up close and personal.  It has names attached to it.  We know some of these people personally and their burdens and concerns have become ours too.  We've seen that people are people no matter where they live, no matter how they live, no matter what their race, or colour or worldview.  But it just seems as though the Congolese have an even greater share of issues to contend with than many of the rest of us.  As we have been engaged in our work of coaching church groups to become engaged themselves in mission, we have come to grips with the fact that here it means doing so with few financial assets.  It likely will mean no safety nets, no insurances, no contingency funds.  After all, even basic life needs are not necessarily a given in this context.  And that fact affects you and changes somewhat how you look at things and life in general.

We believe it is right to not only have heart stirred but hand and heart opened by what we have seen.  And so we become to a little extent, the voice for those who have no or little voice, the face for those who otherwise would remain faceless.  We put names on those living in poverty. 

And so our part, what we can do, is introduce you to some specific needs of real people through our new website FAIMprojects (  Maybe God will touch you as He has us.  And maybe you too, or those around you will be willing to do something to help better the lives of someone.


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