My Christmas Carol

Silent night.  Holy night.
Perhaps it is the blanket of snow on the ground that does it.  It cushions, calms and quietens life itself. Add to that, the early morning awakenings - I love these times alone. Time to think. To reflect. Those silent nights that remind me of that holy night so long ago. Heaven breaking into the mess of planet earth, the mess of this human heart.

All is calm.  All is bright.
For several years now, we have chosen to forgo all the normal glitz and glamour of Christmas. We keep it simple.  And I really like it that way. Honestly I don't think my heart could handle it any other way. Not after what I have seen and what I live in my other world, a world far away from the flashing lights, the visas bills, the insatiable appetites for more, always more. Our family's choice is to be, to be together, to remember what matters and forget the rest.  And that brings calm to the season and quiet to the heart.  And what should be bright - that glittering star and the "God with us" story, those are the things that shine brightly.  Truth be told, I feel no pressure. Just being present, in His presence, and His Present, Jesus come Down.


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