Lord, you are my home

I read an absolutely incredible verse this morning that stopped me dead in my tracks.  It is from the prayer of Moses in Psalm 90:1 "Lord, through all the generations you have been our home".  You see, I have been thinking a lot lately about "home".  We have now been living in the DRC almost 5 months.  Normally every week we receive news via email or Skype from our family or friends back in Canada - you know, from "home".  And particularly when it is from one of kids or is a video clip of our sweet little grandson, feelings of homesickness for "home" settle in.
But today as I read this phrase, a giant light went on.  God, himself, is our home.  Notre "chez nous"!  It is not any particular location here on the face of the earth.  Nor is it the idea of heaven one day.  No, our home is God.  He is that place where we are complete, where we belong.  It is there we receive the love, nurturing and acceptance we all crave.
These last few days we have had some new South African friends who have been staying here with us.  It has been interesting to watch them and listen to them as they talk about how they feel being here in the Congo.  They have shared quite freely that they are glad to be leaving in a few days.  But they realize that that is not the case for us.  The comment of one was, "you must really be called by God to choose to be here in DRC".  But then, when God is my "home", the address is irrelevant!


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