"There is no future in frustration"

I believe that it was Desmond Tutu who said "There is no future in frustration".  At any rate, I am sure it was an African because only they would understand a context where this truth would be put to the test on a daily, if not, moment by moment basis!  Here you can always find a reason to choose to be frustrated.  But perhaps it is just such a place as this where one has ample opportunity to learn how to rid oneself of feelings of frustration. You know - practice makes perfect... When the local power station has a fire with the result that many parts of the capital city are left in darkness for weeks, opportunity presents itself to respond with feelings of frustration or with something other than frustration.  Or when you go somewhere thinking it is for a short meeting, only to discover that you are expected for dinner and the discussion never takes place, the choice is yours to be frustrated or not.  What about when you are told just before a meeting that because you are a guest you will be speaking - you guessed it ..."there's no future in frustration". 
I have had many occasions to think about what is the source of frustration and the conclusion I have come to is that it comes from the unmet expectations we place on people or things (or even God!) to respond in a certain way - and when they don't, frustration is a common reaction.
But what if, rather than becoming frustrated, I simply decided in all cirucumstances to trust God, let go, smile, and move on?  Hmmm.  I really do believe there is no future in frustration.


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