Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 26 : Friday, September 30, 2011

Great sleep.  Thank you, Lord!  Needed it so badly.  Still it's very hard to get excited about starting training #7 this morning.  Counting on God giving His grace.
It is so interesting the differences between groups.  Here I felt a certain resistance.  By the questions asked it was obvious that some have problems with C.B.CO leadership in general.  Praying that their frustration doesn't cause them to disregard the message that we are bringing.  They obviously don't know what great leaders Pastor Muzau and Pastor Pierre are.  Hopefully they will discover in our time with them.  We're so glad to be here with them - they understand the cultural points and undercurrents that we miss and they know their context and history - we let them field those questions pertaining to those things.  Others seem to not want to bother with the bases/ foundation of mission but just want the bottom line of strategy - especially how to do it with their limited means.  I've also found a difference between mission stations and other more rural settings.  In general I find the mission stations seem more blocked - it's the only mission model they have known so they think they can't do missions because they can't do what was done in the past.  Lord, how will we have a breakthrough to see a groundswell of understanding and passion for mission?  Show our team too how to help them in resolving some of these difficulties they are facing.  Most of all, I pray for a revival of hearts dedicated to Jesus their King.
I had one individual come to me.  He's involved in a literacy programme with women.  Only he has a book and the others can't afford one.  The cost is 4000 congolese francs ... Could I help?  The amount isn't much.  I have it and no doubt will give it to him tomorrow.  But this comes right after the lesson on dependancy.  In these situations I sometimes don't know what to think.  Is it good in the long run to help?    If I give to him, how many others will be asking for bikes, motos, school fees or medical costs today?  I never find the answers easy.
I went to watch the film tonight.  I've never seen anything that is so culturally relevant.  I honestly sit there thinking that this is the cheesiet film ever as I listen to the roar and applause of the crowd.  By the time we're back, quick bite to eat and right to bed for me.
Dreamed about the evil spirits from the film that were after me.  When I cried out for Jesus to protect me, I arrived safely at home.  Rather a bizarre ending to my day.


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