Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 34 : Saturday, October 8, 2011

This is our ninth and final training and I am feeling really dreadful.  With tylenol it takes the edge off the aches for a couple of hours at a time but it's such an effort to get out of bed.  I told Pierre that I will try to do my first lesson and see how it goes.  Well by God's grace I get through it.  By the end of it, I leave to come back to my room to lie down.  That's where I spend the rest of the day, other than a very small lunch (no appetite) until 4:30 when I head back over to the church again for my session on culture.  It's a good group and larger than I had for my session in the morning - amybe 50? - and in reality we were only epxecting less than 25 pastors.  When Fifi told the pastors I was sick, one stood up and suggested they pray for me.  I could have almsot cried but managed to hang on.  It was a little tougher for me than normal because my brain seemed to be working in slow motion.  But God poured out His infinite grace and I was able to complete my task.  For me, the trainings are done.  Thank you, Lord!  I can barely believe it.
Once done the trainng we came back to the house.  I was completely drained and headed straight back to bed.  Later I forced myself to eat some bread and drink but it was tough,  Still chills and fever and aches.  I really want to get over this before we head out on Monday.  Travelling days are hard enough without being sick on top of it.
Had a pretty good sleep.  Woke up several times.  Around midnight I realized my pains were gone and I no longer had a fever.  Praying that I'm really over it now..


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