Rainy day Sundays

Rainy day Sundays can be a good thing.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, stops here when it rains.  People don’t go out.  Taxis and buses are impossible to find.  Church services get cancelled or at least put off until the rain stops and life can return. to. “normal”.

But for me today, a rainy day Sunday was good.

Quiet and calm to reflect and think and pray.

And here’s my rainy day Sunday thought :  “We can complicate the mission of the Christian in the world. You and I dream great dreams and have high hopes for how God might partner with us in the healing of the world. But … we see Jesus doing what Mother Teresa and others called “small acts of kindness with great love.” Moved by the Spirit, we step into the darkest places. We heal, restore, encourage, and act in new-creation ways. We evidence the age to come by applying the balm of grace in the present. Do good today, like your Lord did before you, and watch broken things around you be made whole.” (Dan Wilt.  A Well-Worn Path: Thirty-One Daily Reflections for the Worshipping Heart)

So simple, so very good.  Just doing good like Jesus did.  In Jesus’ name.  With Jesus’ power.  Raining down on me and on my world. 


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