Keeping Perspsective

As I woke up this morning, for the third day in a row, we were without running water. So not fun!   I thought about my mom who has been diagnosed with bone cancer since we came here to the Congo.  Then we received an email that our car, intended to be driven out west to our son in a few weeks by friends, was in an accident yesterday and could well be a write off.  Each of these things brought with them many different and even strong feelings.  But as I reflected, I thought, surely I don't feel the same way about each of them.   I mean, what's running water or a lump of crumpled metal in comparison to my mom?  And what of the many here who will go to bed hungry again tonight?  Or those who know nothing of the love of Christ?  What feelings do those realities bring to the surface?   It was a good reminder about keeping perspective. God's perspective.  Good thing too, because for most of the rest of the day, there was no electricity either!


  1. Oh Brenda; so sorry to hear about your mom...must be very hard to hear that from far away. I hope nobody was hurt in the accident but disappointing for Matthew. Will pray that running water is back by tomorrow! I remember that happening in the DR years ago and having to stock up if we had advance warning...thinking of you today. Ruthann.


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