What do you want?

In order to prepare for some teaching I was to give this morning in the Women's group at the church, I had been reflecting on what God would have me say.  Recently I read the story of Solomon, near the beginning of his reign, when God asked him what he desired for God to give him.  What a question!  I believe God was saying, ask what you want but you can only have ONE thing.  What would it be?  We know Solomon's answer - he prayed for the wisdom to be able to govern well the people in his responsibility and  understand the difference between good and evil.  He did not ask for those things that would bring him notorority, or personal wealth or for something purely egotistical.  What was in his heart was the desire to have the capacity to do what God wanted him to do and to do so in an upright fashion, with integrity.  So when God asked him what he wanted, he was able to respond with an answer that pleased God.  God gave him what he asked for and even more.
This question of God has been searching my heart since I first read it.  What one thing do I want God to do?  I, like you, no doubt, have any number of needs.  But what is really in the depths of my heart?  What ONE thing do I want from Him?
As I sit here, at this moment in time, the one thing I ask God is to use us, by His grace, as catalysts for a mission movement starting here in the Congo.  What about you?  What's your one desire?
"Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart" Ps.37:4


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