Just a glass of water

Today several young men borrowed our jeep to move some furniture from where we live to a new medical centre that is going to open in the near future in a part of town not far from here but which is in an extremely poor area.  When we walked down into our village a little after they left on one of their trips, we saw our car parked at the side of the road and one of the guys involved in a very heated discussion with a number of other men.  They made us understand that they didn't want us getting involved.  When they returned a little later, they explained that someone had run into the back of them and broke the tail light - and the argument had been about payment for that. Before loading the jeep for one last trip to the clinic we took them out some glasses and a jug of water.  Two of the guys we know quite well but the third was unknown to us.  As we offered the water he held back.  Patrice, a friend, said that it's because he had never been served by a "mondele" (white person) before.  So I picked up the glass and Richard poured the water and we handed it to him to the delight of the others who were there.
This story, though very simple, hit me profoundly.  How was it possible that this young man would be shocked to be served by "mondele"?  It made me both sad and angry.  But it also was a lesson to me - what do people see as my attitude towards them?
Jesus said that he didn't come to be served but to serve.  Jesus, the King of glory, who made himself of no reputation and who became poor for our sake!  Is it so difficult to be generous and indiscriminate to those to whom we hand a cup of water?


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