Let's talk garbage...

I step out our gate and into a different world.  It's a world where garbage seems to reign supreme.  Everywhere is a garbage dump, it would appear.  For me, a guelphite, used to three streams of garbage sorting, this assaults my senses, both sight and often smell. 
One asks, does it not bother anyone to live in such a filthy context especially considering that it is within their power to change it?
Over our gate, are painted the words "Transformer?  C'est possible!"  (Transform? It's possible!).  Alain, one of our guards, has taken this statement to heart.  He has spent days of back-breaking labour  picking up all the garbage in a large area outside the wall.  The other day he dug an enormous hole and buried it all.  He's shown us plans, dreams of building a little park on the site and hopes to incite others to participate too.  So far, there hasn't been anyone else in the neighbourhood who has also caught the vision of what could be though this evening we noticed a whole group of kids outside and playing soccer on the newly cleaned space.
Last week, as I walked down our hill towards our little village, past an area where there is always tons of garbage lying on the ground, I was suddenly struck with two thoughts :  first, how disgusting all this garbage is, and secondly, that  this is an accurate depiction, a visual of our lives from God's vantage point.  What an eyesore!  What a stench!  God give us the grace and the power of your Spirit to clean up our garbage.
Transformation?  It's possible!


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