"God-grace" ... in sickness and in health

"There is no greater mercy that I know of on earth than good health except it be sickness; and often that has been a greater mercy to me than health ... It is a good thing to be without a trouble; but it is a better thing to have a trouble, and know how to get grace enough to bear it."  Spurgeon

We have a hard time grasping that, don't we?  Or maybe it's just me ...  Learning to lean hard into the grace of God - such a posture of discomfort, awkward and unfamiliar. We think it is a graceless position when in reality it is graceful. Full. of. grace.  Grace convinces us that there are more important things than ease, safety, or health.

With a headache pounding behind my eyes this morning, it would be so easy to just give in or give up, complain about the pain and be done with it.  But what if with the aspirin, I swallowed a dose of "God-grace"?  What if I could believe and accept that he can give me what I need for today - headache or not.  That I could be a vessel of grace, brimming to overflow with His tender mercy and grace.  Then the ache in my head, or the ache of my heart, could rather be gifts of grace.  God-grace. And in the midst of it all, I become God-graced, gifted for today with His grace.  Bearer for all to see the God of grace in this God-graced life.


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