Thank you for your grace

God's grace is always there. His grace is not deficient, insufficient or transient.  It's there.   Always. So why do I live at times as though there were no grace?

We have all lived in circumstances, in places where we are more aware of the grace and more attentive to the fact that we NEED, we WANT it with every part of us. But all those other times, when we live with crumbs, we just hang on, we try to power our way through, what have we done with the grace then?

Today as I sit here and contemplate my grace-giving Saviour, I'm thankful for His gift which fills me to live, to work, to cry, to laugh in this place. And I ask once more that He would make me so aware of His grace, that I doubt no more, that I fight no longer but drink in His cool, hydrating grace for my grace-parched soul in this often grace-less place. Seeing grace and living grace here in the brokenness of Congo life is a daily miracle - saving, transforming, empowering. Jesus, gracious one, pour your grace in me that it would flow through me....


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