We're in a battle

We're in a battle.

I think in North America, it is very easy to forget that.  We can relegate that idea  to the rhetoric of a few over-the-top individuals who see the devil around every corner and behind every perceived negative event of life.

But here.  The battle becomes obvious.

That is in essence what a friend was saying to me the other day when I was feeling somewhat  discouraged about an aspect of the work.

"Brenda, we are trying to do something that we have never done before [Congolese doing mission].  We can't forget this."  And what I have thought of since and would add to that, is this work of mission, this divine enterprise, this empowering of the Congolese to stand up and take up their role of equiping and sending their own missionaries, will not happen without a fight.  This is a spirtual battle we are engaged in.  And we dare not - I dare not - forget it.  Satan's domination is threatened as Christians take Jesus at His word that we are to be His witnesses, both near and far.  The Church's complacency is rocked when some begin to say that we have not been faithful in our God ordained responsibilities, that we have allowed His priorities to be sidelined as we have dallied with the inconsequential while the essential nature of the church has been forgotten.  We have let others do and go what we were unwilling to claim for ourselves.

Today I am in a battle.  I strive to see Congolese take their rightful place on the frontlines of mission in francophone Africa and this will require perseverance, sacrifice and dying to all other lesser goals.  Satan will not concede without all out war.  But the vision of the final outcome spurs me on on days when I wonder if or how or when we will see it happen.


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