What if I don't pray...

Jesus said to those He loved and knew the best : "Pray that you will not give in to temptation" (Luke 22:40) and minutes later again he urged "Get up and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation" (46). He knew much more assuredly than they, their nature, their tendency, their need.

But sadly, ...

Judas didn't pray; he was busy selling his soul and his master for a few silver coins.

The religious leaders weren't praying; they were far too occupied with conniving, scheming and planning how to get rid of the competition.

The disciples were too tired to pray.  And because of that, they ended up cutting off ears, running scared, jumping ship, abandoning and forsaking the one who loved them best in his greatest hour of need.

Peter didn't see his need to pray and minutes after vowing undying allegiance, swore up and down that he was no friend of the man.

The guards didn't pray.  They preferred to mock, beat and spit.

Pilate wasn't praying but was wondering how best to keep his job.

Herod never prayed.  He hoped for a miracle and got nothing but silence in response.

The crowds certainly weren't praying that day.  Their mob cries of "Hosanna" had turned to murderous cries of "crucify Him".

It seems as though Jesus Himself was the only one praying that night.  He knew His enemy and knew about temptation and understood His need to pray. So He prayed.  Agonizing prayer.  Blood-soaked prayer.  He prayed until He could let go and accept the way of the cross. And in prayer he found the strength it would seem to stand up to his temptation.

So why would I think that I could ever make it through this world's trials without bowing head and knee in deference to the One who prayed that night and got it right? 


  1. Good point Brenda. I so need to be reminded of this. I am excited to have found you on here so I can learn more about yours and Richards ministry!


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