From east, west, north and south

What is it that keeps me going on days like today?  What could possibly push me on in the face of almost constant inconveniences, chaos, brokenness?  It can really be boiled down to the motivation, the final beautiful outcome described in Luke 13:29 :

"And people will come from all over the world - from east and west, north and south - to take their places in the Kingdom of God."

Quite simply, it is this glorious picture of a global family of God.  The truth that I am not complete without you, without them, without us.  God's purpose is to call together the tribes, the nations, the tongues, the peoples and make us one, united around our Jesus' throne as eternal worshippers together.

Threatened to be forgotten or forsaken in the reality of another day of inconveniences, chaos and brokenness, I needed to revisit this again today.  I needed to see, observe and bask in the Artist's large canvas brushstrokes of His grand purpose and plan.  And as response, what else could I do but simply bow down to the King, accepting His will as mine?


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