It's not ok

I am mad.  And I am sad.

Infidelity.  Deception.  Self-justification.  Selfishness.  Immaturity.  Blame game. Idolatry.

When did this become ok?  When did we start to excuse ourselves every possible sin against God and against one another?  I'm tired of it.  I'm just plain tired of people calling themselves Christians but virtually living without Christ, unconcerned by the shame being brought to Jesus' name.  If you decide to live like that, fine.  But don't bring Christ into it.  For God's sake, for your sake, for everyone's sake, don't call yourself a Christian.

At least let's be honest enough to name it for what it is.  Hypocrisy. Sin.  Surely until we get to that point, it will always be someone else'e fault, our lapses will always be justified.   Until we can say "I'm wrong."  "It's my fault."  "I have sinned." things will not change and we will not be radically transformed.  And we will never be radical transformers.

I am not saying that being a Christian means we don't or can't sin.  Far from it.  But a follower of Christ admits his sin, confesses it, does not hide it, does everything possible to turn from it, avoid it and wants God to transform him from the inside out.  That will never happen as long as we keep giving ourselves excuses.

Our churches have to stop making it easy for people to give the appearance of holiness while living like the world.  How many more Bible studies and video series can we participate in with little to no impact?  This is not ok.

So today, for me I'm saying, I don't want to learn one more  thing. I want to obey more. Lord, help me to take you at your word and do it.  I want to show up, to step up, to bear your name in a way that brings no shame.


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