Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 7 : Sunday, September 11th, 2011

It was only as I wrote this date that I realized that today marks 10 years since the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York.  Today I remember those who lost friends and familly but also pray for those who do not know our God and His love.
Mama Fifi Misidi arrived at 6AM this morning to join the team for the rest of our trip.  It's great to have another member of the mission team here and know that she too will be able to do some of the teaching. 
This morning there was the church service, of course, which started at 9AM.  Richard preached a great message about Jonathan and his armor bearer - having a big vision of God and moving forward with the means that we have.  In his case it meant just one sword for the two of them against 20 armed men.  Surely as we look at the Congolese doing mission we are going to need many Jonathans who in spite of lacking in resources, trust their great and mighty God, and step out in faith.
When the service was over we went straight into our training.  To finish off the section on culture we showed as usual the Don Richardson film "Peace Child" to talk about barriers and bridges (redemptive analogies) to sharing the gospel in another culture.  I wasn't ocnvinced that all the pastors really grasped it.  Richard shared the state of the gospel in the world today before Pierre concluded with C.B.CO and mission.  There were many questions; I'm honestly not sure whether it was because there was great interest or for other reasons.  Regardless, they received their syllabus and certificate and had their photo taken.  By this time it was getting dark.
Today I definitely have a cold and am feeling very drained.  I know tomorrow will be a big travel day so I opted out of the film, had a quick bite to eat, a cup of tea and then headed to our room.  Bucket bath to get rid of the sweat and dirt (every day is hotter than the precedent - rainy season is definitely on its way).  By candlelight and flashlight I'm writing this.  Maybe I'll read for a bit and then try to sleep.
This is training number 2 done and 7 more to go!  I won't be unhappy to leave Kenge - the setting is somewhat like a desert and not very inviting.


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