Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 18 : Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rain.  Lots of it!  That is what we woke up to today.  What a blessed relief from the heat of yesterday.  Up to this point we have never been bothered by the rain - for the most part it's been a help with the roads, other than at Moanza where the film in the evening had to be cut short one of the nights.  But with this being our first day of training here in Kikwit and pastors needing to come from all over the city, it could be a problem.  The Congolese don't normally go out when it rains - they wait.  So I guess, we too will wait and see. 
Today marks our mid point of the trip. We have enjoyed it very much but are looking forward to turning the corner and starting on our way back toward Kinshasa.  God, please keep supplying your grace, wisdom and strength.
Most of our morning we ended up being "off" because of the rain and absence of most of the pastors.  I profited to check emails and do some course work.  Richard came up with a system for putting up our mosquito net - last night we were really bothered by the buzzing pests! There are strings everywhere in our room holding it up - but that won't matter if it works.  Hopefully with cooler temperatures and a mosquito-free environment, we will be able to have a better night sleep tonight!
Finally we were able to start our training in the afternoon.  Obviously, it cuts into our time, but we will do more or less as we do when we give the training when one of the two days falls on Sunday.  A good group and good discussions.  It's obvious that there is a much higher level of education here as compared to some of the last trainings we gave.


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