From tired to blessed

So glad that days can end much differently than they begin.  Definitely good news!  Especially on days like today.

This morning I woke up tired. You know, busy week. Feeling pressure. The low after the high.  A fantastic week, to be sure, as we saw God at work doing what only He can, and with divine finesse to boot ... yet still, truth be told, even fantastic can tire you out.  Life is work.  It's never clean, clearcut or simple.  Challenges abound.  Fears can incapacitate.  Doubts undermine confidence.  Add to that a very high dose of humidity, heat that suffocates and leaves you dripping, a heavy schedule and pressing needs, all lived within my quasi non-existent electrical context, and I could feel myself slipping into the land of existential questions like - who am I?  what am I doing?  And why on earth am I here?

Fast forward 10 hours.

Sitting here, typing as I think, blessed with power that  has come to visit for a bit.  I'm listening to the rain pour down, sensing the cooling of the air outside.  I feel excitement, anticipation as I look forward to finally beginning our training with some people tomorrow that we believe could be some of our future trainers for mission in the churches here.  And I feel thankful.  privileged.  useful.  for God's kingdom and God's glory. 

All of that in just 10 hours.

At "7AM", "5PM" was a long way off and the in between hours appeared somewhat insurmountable and daunting.  But now at "5PM",  I am ready, and thankful, and excited, and blessed to be doing kingdom work, counting it as worth it all to be involved in the things that matter.


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