The Congo has a way of knocking the stuffing right out of you.

There are, of course,  the physical realities - I've mentioned them all before -  things that don't work or that break all. the. time....power that disappears. again. just when you thought maybe this time it would be there when you need it...dirt and brokenness in the streets. and in lives...death, dying, so much sickness and heartache...injustice, inequality, evil ... the jealousy. oh. the. jealousy.  I've never seen anything like it.  And it all just wears me down and wears me out.  Sometimes it makes me want to scream or sometimes lay down my head and cry my soul out.  There are times when  I just don't care anymore and other times when I just care too much.  Either way, the Congo is my nemesis.  It brings out my best and my worst and usually in the span of the same day.

Like today.

Early start.  Seven o'oclock at church already.  One we have never been at before.  Eglise de Reveil.  But such an encouragement.  Open hearts to God, His Spirit, His mission, His plans.  Forty or so people expressing that they believe God has placed a call on their lives for mission.  This. is. what. I. live. for.  What I long for.

And then we arrive home and sit all afternoon in the heat and all evening in the dark.  No power anywhere in the capital city of a country, for goodness sake!  10 million people.  How is that even possible? 

And I read again and savour the words of Mary when she hears the news that will turn her world upside down.  Words of submission, of acceptance.  "I am the Lord's servant and I am willing to accept whatever he wants." ( Luke 1:38 NLT)...whatever...WHATEVER!


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