Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 3 : Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We went to the daily church service from 7-7:30 AM.  Pastor Muzau  (he is accompanying the team throughout the trip because of his knowledge and experience here in this province) preached a very challenging message on missions from Jonah. 
Kikongo church
I had worn for the first time a double wrap around skirt which gave me plenty of trouble!  I mean really impossible - non-stop readjusting and just hoping they wouldn't fall off.  How do these women do it all the time while carrying babies on their backs and loads on their heads??  Must find a way to fix them before the day's sessions start.  It feels hotter here than back in Kin so it just seems like way too much cloth anyway.  And it's not even 9 yet.  Rainy season is yet to come and everything is much drier and browner than when we were here last year.  It also means that temperatures are climbing steadily as the onset of the season approaches.  That also means increase in sweating even doing nothing!  OK.  So tied on the bottom wrap skirt so now I only have to deal with the outer one.  I can now stand in front of everyone without fear :) 
This is our second and last day of training here in Kikongo.  Lots of questions and comments. As in trainings elsewhere, there are always several people who only attended today but who are trying to convince Pastor Pierre that they should receive a certificate of participation too.  It's hard to understand what this piece of paper means to them in this context but it was decided to only give one to those who were present both days.
Pierre planned on showing a different film tonight but the crowds began to chant "Philippe" (which was the main character in last night's film).  It is about a young evangelist and his dealings with overthrowing  evil spirits - a theme that is important to every Congolese.  The presence of the spirit world has always been believed and feared and a significant part of the worldview of this culture.  You wouldn't believe the uproar of cheering and applauding when Philippe defeats the evil spirits.  I've honestly never seen such a culturally revelant film.  A North American wouldn't last 5 minutes watching it but here it is a huge hit!  So it's an encore performance tonight by popular acclaim!
While the others watched the film again, I went through a box of syllabi for the pastors to check and make sure they weren't missing pages.  Pastor Pierre's wife and kids had prepared them all before we left, almost 500 of them, even staying up the one night until 2 AM ... so occasionally a page was missing or upside down...
Last night in Kikongo and the end of our first training.  Only 8 more to go!  Thanks, Lord, for a great start.  Up and off early again tomorrow.


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