Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 9 : Tuesday, September 13 , 2011

Slept quite well.  By 5 or so I could hear someone outside sweeping but stayed in bed a little while longer.
There was a church service at 7AM that we went to and then joined the others for breakfast.  Interesting breakfast conversation.  Moanza is a mission station established by missionaries in 1913.  Pastor Muzau went to its secondary school.  The reality today is tht much of the infrastructure built by the missionaries is now in very poor condition.  Back in the day, the cement needed for construction was carried on the heads of people for 100's of kilometres.  Pastor Pierre, in talking about why the C.B.CO finds itself in its present state talked of their sin.  He says the only way forward is in a collective and widespread confession.  He believes God cannot really bless them until this takes place at a leadership level.  Lord God, I pray that this would happen.  Who knows all that God would do if His people would turn back to Him.  Pastor Muzau told us that we don't realize how significant the work  that we are doing is and he believes it will have a great impact.  May that be so.
Today thankfully is a rest day.  I profitted by getting our clothes all washed.  this place has already been a huge blessing.  When I tried to hang the clothes outside on the fence to dry, someone came along and said there was another spot to hang them and took them for me there.
Lord, you are allowing me to see and to do things that most people only dream of.  I wonder why - why us?  All I can think is that in part it is because we were willing to come and stay.  May it please you to use us, to teach us, to motivate an army of others.
As we passed by villages yesterday and I looked at the little houses and the life the people are living today, I couldn't help but think, how is it possible that some in our world live with so much excess, in luxury while a great many others eke by in an existence not so very much different from that of past generations?
After a couple of hours of quiet and rest we were given a tour on foot.  I hadn't realized that Moanza was a mission station like Kikongo.  Unfortunately like so many other places we've seen, buildings built at the time of the missionaries have not been well maintained.  Back then a generator provided electricity and water was piped into the houses.  No longer so.  Sad really.  The one very positive point we saw was part of the school.  The teachers themselves contributed out of their salaries to build it.  We visited as well, the woodworking shop, the offices of the district pastor, the church.  Later this afternoon we're going to the hospital.  Oh, and did I mention the airstrip??  Grown over now but the trip that took us 10 hours struggling through the sand yesterday could be done in maybe 20 minutes!  Don't want to think about too much!
Again great lunch discussion followed by a rest time.  The clothes that I had washed have already dried and been pressed using a iron filled with wood charcoal embers.
It has been lovely having a quiet restful day after yesterday.  Feeling ready to get back into the training tomorrow.


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