Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 11 : Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feeling tired today. Please, Lord, give me strength. At the morning service Richard spoke concerning the fact that we are the perfume of Christ. Everywhere we are, we give off his scent.
Well it almost seemed like it was a different group today – much more engaged. I did my part on culture. Mama Fifi talked about her experiences among the Pygmies of the Equator province, an unreached people group here in the country. Everyone was very enraptured by her stories. We showed the film Peace Child. Richard finished off the morning with the State of the Gospel in the world. In the afternoon Pierre talked about the mission structure. We gave out the certificates, said our  thanks. Photos. One interesting element was a pastor who at the end asked to come forward and then asked for forgiveness publicly from his district pastor. I know nothing of the details but really rejoiced and praised God for that.  Afterward a number spoke to Fifi about how they would like to be involved in missions.   We shall see what God does.  It's true that humanly speaking, I'm not sure of the motivation but God knows the hearts and plans He has.
We have now completed one third of our trainings.  Tomorrow is the fourth travel day as we move on to Tono.  We've been told the first couple of hours are the most difficult but after that we'll be on paved roads again.  I guess tomorrow will tell.
Pastor Pierre spent a few hours this evening and last evening doing some teaching on spiritual gifts with a group of people from the church.  He gave some excellent biblical principles as well as great practical advice.  We trust it will bear fruit and help to combat the lack of teaching in this area.  It was one of those things that we had picked up on during our training and I'm glad that Pierre took the opportunity to correct some of the false teachings and practices.
The film tonight had to be stopped early because of rain.  Hopefully the rain will help and not hinder us in our travels in the morning.
Lord, grant us a good night's rest and give us an early start for the long journey tomorrow.


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