Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 5 : Friday, September 9, 2011

This is a rest day meaning we have no formal activities.  The way that Pierre has planned things, every travel day will be followed by a rest day, then our 2 days of training and then we'll repeat the process until all 9 training times are done.  This morning breakfast is planned for 8AM.  I think once that's done, we are going to explore the town.  Kenge is where our driver Benoit's family is from.  He has already run into several family members.  Pastor Pierre was also born here and lived here until he was two when his family moved to the Bas Congo province.  His dad was in the military and even went to school with Mobutu, former president and dictator.  Later Pierre wants to go see the maternity hospital where he was born.
After eating, we asked around, found the hospital and were able to visit what is now the maternity ward.  After talking to the head nurse and explaining the situaion we went into one of the rooms where there were 8-10 moms and babies - even a set of twins.  Pastor Pierre asked to have his picture taken with one of the moms and her baby. When we visited with the hospital administrator he explained that the birth records were off site and had not been well cared for so it wasn't possible for Pastor Pierre to actually see his official birth record.  Otherwise we took a number of photos outside so that Pierre could show his family.
After taking a quick drive through the "downtown" of Kenge - it didn't take long - Benoit took us to his parents' home.  In the front yard, tied to a tree was a small monkey named Joel!  Richard kept trying for photos of him but he wasn't very cooperative.  All the neighbour kids were over, though whether it was to play with the monkey or see the white people, I'm not too sure!  After being served a cold pop and eating some peanuts and a starchy potato-like vegie, we went back to the house where we were staying. 
The rest of the day we rested, talked, read and ate.  I know that I needed the rest.  Ever since our last travel day with all the dust and sand I've been coughing and my nose feels plugged.  I really hope at this point that I don't get sick.  Lord, please take care of me.  Tomorrow our second training in Kenge starts.  Trust I can sleep better tonight than last night and that if the pastors next door to us have a prayer time that it is a quieter affair.


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