Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 6 : Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Well, managed to do much better last night - no midnight prayer meetings from the pastors next door, at least. Nonetheless, we were awakened sometime after 5 by them stirring and talking. Time to be getting up anyway, I guess.

Teaching in Kenge

Today at 9 AM we start our second training here in the Bandundu.  The schedule is 9AM to noon, lunch, rest and then continue teaching 3-6PM.  Tomorrow we will continue after the church service in the morning.  We are meeting in the church building at Kenge.  Altogether there are about 48 pastors present.  I'm definitely not feeling 100% - my nose is running, I'm coughing a bit, and feeling a little washed out.  But God is God, and I know an army of people are praying.  Richard and I are doing most of the teaching with Pastor Pierre or another young pastor translating for us.  We end most of the segments with opportunity for them to ask questions and we also give them a question to work on in small groups in order to interact with the material. There were actually quite a few questions and comments from the pastors. At times I wasn't sure that they were always out of interest or if it was out of other motivations but we got through the training today which composes the bulk of it (biblical, historical and cultural basis of mission).At the moment everyone is outside on the sandy field watching one of the films.  When that's done, it will be time to eat, get cleaned up a bit and ready to crash for the night.
BTW one month today before we will be back in Kinshasa (sounds long...) and two months today we leave for Canada :)


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