Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 21 : Sunday, September 25, 2011

Actually had a pretty good sleep.  It is definitely cooler here.  Watered down my shampoo and washed my hair this morning.  Earlier I heard someone outside the hut sweeping the dirt.  Most yards are not grass but dirt so it is a daily task to sweep away garbage and leaves.
 Richard is nominated to preach this morning.  The service is at 9AM.  Hope we eat soon since I'm feeling rather hungry. 
We are again in an area outside cell phone use which means that we can't check internet either.  I think once we arrive at the next training we should have it for the remainder of the trip. 
It was definitely after 10:30 when the church service started.  To begin with there were lots of kids and not too many adults but eventually the benches filled up.  The young men's choir was especially good.  From what the others said, the words were very good, challenging the leaders and pastors to live their lives correctly so they could be an example to the younger generation.  Richard gave a good sermon - rather than depending on God completely for salvation and for the accomplishment of His promises, we often give in to the temptation to take things into our own hands (like Abraham and Sarah).  In the middle of his sermon, the men's choir broke out in a song - not sure what that was about, whether it was like an amen or just to wake folks up.  Following the message, the assistant district pastor gave a plea for people who wanted to get their lives in order with God to stand.  Many people stood but I can't help but wonder what it means.
Following lunch, I worked on some laundry.  But even as I was hanging up things over the "shower" wall, I could see clouds building.  I somehow knew that they probably wouldn't dry before more rains came.  True enough, by 5 it started to rain.  I quickly grabbed my wash and strung up a line inside our hut.  Then the rain really started coming down.  Buckets of it!  Lightening and thunder too.  Richard and I sat inside the door of our hut in the dark and watched it rain, just talking.  The rain continued hard a good part of the evening.  We couldn't put the generator on because of the weather which meant no power or lights.  Actually I found it a quiet and restful evening.  Bed early - training #6 starts tomorrow.  Hopefully the rain hasn't held up the arrival of the pastors.


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