Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 29 : Monday, October 3, 2011

Though I thought the heat would keep me from sleeping, I actually had a good night. The conditions of this place where we are staying are simple (!) and not too reassuring.  You can hear both the others sleeping/snoring and the bats or mice (not too sure which).   It rained fairly heavily during the night - I hope that cools things down.  Today is our rest day.  I need to do laundry again, of course although the clouds definitely look like it's going to rain again later in the day. I have to work on my course because I have an assignment due today.  Not at all motivated or inspired though I would really like to get it done and put it behind me.
Had a shower, washed my hair and feel almost human again!
Most of the others have taken off to the market or to get the tire fixed.  I had no interest in that so stayed behind and got caught up on my journalling and then did that laundry.  The clouds have cleared, there is a breeze though it's very hot in the sun.  The clothes should dry better and quicker than in Vanga.  The rest of the day I worked on my course assignment. Seeing as it was far too dark and too hot to do anything inside, I sat outside under the trees to work.   I had opportunity too to talk with Esther.  We talked about the care and follow up of members who lose a child or spouse.  I told her about Grief Share.  Loss is such a common experience here.  She said that there was a real need in churches to have such a ministry but that it doesn't exist.
Well today actually ended up being a good day of rest for me.  In the evening I sent off my assignment and checked emails again.  After I had gone to bed, our grandson and son-in-law tried to skype us but in our present conditions, it wasn't possible to talk.  :(    That's a heartbreak ...


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