Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 31 : Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It was definitely lovely and cooler this morning.  I used rainwater caught in a bucket to shower and wash my hair.  Freezing but at least I was reinvigorated.
Again the session went very well this morning.  A very receptive and attentive group with good questions.  By the time we finished the morning, the heat was back again.
Can't believe that when we finish this afternoon we only have one more training to do.  I can barely wait.
Training # 8 is done.  The film is on.  I've worked at getting our things packed ready for the travel day tomorrow.  Pastor Muzau has told us that this next travel day is a long one.  Just before getting to Bandundu Ville we will have to cross a river.  But that ferry only works until 3PM so we absolutely need to be there earlier.  So the plan is, we pack everything we can tonight, in particular everything that needs to go on the roof racks.  Since we want to leave by 3AM (yes, you read that right!) we're talking aobut getting up at 2 AM.  Richard and I didn't sleep well last night and now are going to have another very short night followed by a long trip.  Can I just clearly say that I'm not looking forward to this!?
Just got back from the outhouse.  I couldn't go earlier because of the rain.  I really don't like going there after dark.  Have I mentioned the gigantic cockroaches crawling everywhere?  If an outhouse isn't disgusting enough, mamouth size cockroaches crawling everywhere certainly ranks it as super disgusting.  YUCK!
While most of the others were still at the film in the rain, I chose to read and relax in our room.  While I was reading, something suddenly flew around our room and landed on the side of our mosquito net.  Then it started crawling up over the top.  It was a bat!!!!  Cockroaches the size of elephants in the outhouse and a bat crawling over my net in my bedroom.  Cannot wait to move on to our next destination.  Things can only get better, right?


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