Watching. Waiting.

Today my lot in life is summarized in these words : "watching and waiting".  Two things that don't come naturally.  I have been amply reminded about these already this morning.  Our daughter is at the hospital with her midwife, overdue with our second grandson, watching to see what is going on, waiting to find out what the next step is.  In the meantime I am watching our grandson and waiting for news. For our country of adoption, the DRC, I watch the internet for news of what is happening, and wait to hear what will transpire in the days ahead as a result of the Congo presedential elections yesterday.  I'm waiting too for emails from our congolese friends living there in the midst of it all.  I recognize that there are all types of watching and waiting we can do and a multitude of reasons for doing so.  Some matter and some honestly don't.  Watching and waiting in a line up or at a red light really are quite insignificant except perhaps as mini lessons revealing to us our sometimes dismal "watch and wait" capacity.  If impatience and exasperation are our responses in those little moments, how will we ever wait and watch God's way when it really counts?
In this Advent leading up to Christmas, the acknowledgement  and celebration of Jesus' birth, we are called too to watch and wait.  Michelle Thomas-Bush said "We know what to expect at Christmas.  Maybe that is why it is easier to wait for Christmas than wait for Christ.  We know he is near, but we never know when or how Christ will be born into our lives this year.  There is still time...time to encounter the living Christ in your waiting.  In our waiting, we remember Christ has come, is coming and will come definitely again.  That is what we are waiting for!"  Lord Jesus, I embrace all manner of watching and waiting today.  I am expectantly looking, yearning for evidence of your nearness, your desire to work in me, and in this world.  Just as you are the Gift, your presence in me and my life is the greatest gift I can give or receive this Advent.


  1. Thanks for sharing this at church today, I really enjoyed it and got inspired by it. I will be praying for you and your work in the Congo.

  2. Thanks, Rachel. I know that God has given you an open mind and heart for missions and believe in due time as you continue to yield to Him, he will lead you at the right time. In the meantime, prepare well.


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