Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 22 : Monday, September 26, 2011

The rains have once again driven away the heat of pre-storm yesterday.  We'll see how long that lasts today.  I think if all the pastors come there could be about 60 in all.
We are staying in the school director's office so I'm not sure how that'll work with today and tomorrow as school days.  No sign of life yet but I don't know what time school usually starts.   I had been concerned after our first evening here that there would constantly be a ton of kids hanging around us but that hasn't been the case.  They must be under strict orders to not bother us.
Our training started this morning - around 30 pastors.  A certain number are quite old (one pastor started ministry in 1957 - he still has a twinkle in his eyes and is listening intently!)
To begin with there was a nice breeze in the church.  Churches here usually don't have windows but rather open brickwork to allow air to pass through.  But we are not long into the training before it really is beginning to heat up under the tin roof.  None of the pastors have eaten and no provision has been made for them so pastor Pierre has sent Benoit off to buy vegetables, chicken and manioc which will be ground into flour in order to make fufu.  They will eat after 1 sometime and later again this evening.  The group broke out with applause when they heard that they would also receive a little money for "transportation" - they've all walked, some many kilmotres, but at least they will have a little money to take back to their families.
By noon, it is very hot.  We've decided to move the afternoon session outdoors and under the shade of some trees where it is much cooler.  During our rest time after lunch, I worked on the rest of our laundry, hanging it over a fence.
As we start our afternoon session, clouds are rolling in and it's looking suspiciously like rain again.  Hopefully it won't spoil the film for tonight.  Everyone is really looking forward to it.
Part way through the afternoon the drops start.  We quickly gather up our flipchart pages and head for the shelter of the church.  Too late to rescue our clean clothes still drying outside.  I can only hope that Mama Françoise noticed them and took them indoors.  It didn't rain as long or as hard as the past two nights but we finish off the training inside nonetheless.
As I sit here writing this, I'm outside our hut, it's getting dark and I can hear the kids as they begin to gather already as the guys set up the equipment for the film.  Praying that the weather will hold throughout the film tonight.
Two more weeks to go until we are finally back in Kin.  I'm beginning to look forward to that.  This nomadic life has allowed us to see and experience many things but it will be great to be back in our home, in our own bed.  Right now, I'm feeling somewhat tired.  May God restore my sould and body this evening and night so that tomorrow I am ready to rise up and continue to serve Him.
I ate dinner and Fifi and I talked lots about our families.  I really enjoyed our time alone together.


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