Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 28 : Sunday, October 2, 2011

Travel day # 8 as we head to our 8th training site.  Every time it's somewhat a new discovery.  We are all hoping that we will finally have cell/internet coverage.  It was disappointing to not have any at Vanga.  When we make it to Masi, Pastor Muzau is waiting for news concerning his son in France over a very important matter.  We're all praying but just don't know what has happened or what the news will be once he finally has contact with his family.
Jesus grant us safety again on the roads today.  This is to be one of our shortest distances and a portion is supposedly on paved roads;  I've more or less forgotten what they are!
We took off shortly after 7 AM as usual.  We are now travelling with an extra passenger, Esther, so we are definitely packed in Congolese-style.
A ways down the road, a flat tire, only our second so far.  Considering the very difficult driving conditions, that is very good.  We all get out while Benoit changes it and then all pack back into the car again.
A while into the trip we actually hit pavement.  Wow, it's been a while.  We probably only go a kilometre or two before arriving at a toll booth.  Seems to me a small price to pay to have smooth travelling.  The sign says that Masi is only 60 km. or so.  While at the toll booth a number of children arrive with bowls of freshly picked wild mushrooms.  We buy a bunch - they will become part of our supper tonight after we get to Masi.
We pass a place on the road where a large truck has had an accident and is still turned over on its side.  No way of knowing how long since it happened.  As we pass through one good sized village, we stop because we see three guys we know from C.B.CO. Nice surprise to see familiar faces in far off places.
By 11 AM we pull into Masi.  The church service is still in full swing.  Actually it is still at the point of choirs - we're told that 10 choirs are singing and today there is also a marriage.  We're all in our travelling clothes and not really wanting to go in in the middle of the serivce.  They "suggest" that we can change first and then join them.  In this context, that's an indirect order.  We're shown to the "guesthouse" where we'll be staying.  Get rid of all your ideas of B & B's because it's NOT like those in any way, shape or form.  But again, it's only 4 days, right, before we move on again...  One outhouse and one outdoor shower for 8 of us.  This will definitely be interesting.
Once we're changed, we head over to the church.  As it is, we still listen to several choirs.  The church is more than full and it is very hot.  We, as visitors, are placed on the stage.  In the front row are the bride and groom - the bride had the saddest face I've ever seen.
The pastor who gives the message uses John 2 as text and encourages the young couple to turn to Jesus always as the solution to the problems they will face.  Following the offering, the actual wedding ceremony takes palce - exchange of vows and rings -actually a very short ceremony.  Then there is the procession of gifts.  We, as "guests of honour" also contribute!  So bizarre to our way of thinking - I feel badly "crashing" the wedding of people that none of know but it doessn't seem to pose a problem for anyone else.  Finally by 2 PM it's over ( at least for us).  We head back to our house and sit outside under hte shade trees.
The church supplies a little food to eat and then we sit outside again and talk and laugh.  I watch as some kids climb high into a mango tree to knock down some fruit. We are even able to check our emails.  Everyone else has been able to finally contact their families again.  Their families are getting anxious for them to return.  The end is coming...
So hot today.  Inside the guesthouse is like an oven.  The windows are very small and the roof is made of tin which absorbs all of the sun's hot rays.  It looks like it will probably rain.  The pastor has finally brought some buckets of water so we can get cleaned up.  Mama Françoise cooked the mushrooms for supper - so good!
This time, our bed is double size but alas, the mattress is single.  What will we do with all the room when we get our queen size bed and mattress again?!


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