Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 30 : Tuesday, October 4, 2011

During the night after I had fallen asleep there was a huge bang - one of the planks of our bed which holds up the mattress fell out of place and hit the cement floor.  We simply turned around the opposite direction in bed and tried to get back to sleep.  So hot!
While still in bed in the morning, Richard wished me happy anniversary.  Today marks our 31st anniversary!  Who would have ever imagined that this is where we would be 31 years later?  Today will no doubt be like any other first day of training.
Definitely a better spirit among the pastors in this training than in the last one.  We could feel the difference right from the start.  Thank you, Lord.  You knew how much we needed this encouragement.
This is our largest group of pastors so far - 78.  Good questions.  Many came to talk after the morning session.  A couple of them had been students at the pastoral school in Kikongo when we spoke there last year.  They are new pastors now in their own churches.  One of them asked me why this training for pastors couldn't be offered for their wives too.  It made me so happy to hear how these young men wanted their wives to profit from the training too.  Finally when Pastor Muzau saw we were still there answering questions he came to pull us away so that we could go eat.
This morning they bought a goat, killed it, skinned it, cut it up and cooked it for our lunch.  Very tender and good.  I guess that's what fresh does.
Again the afternnon session went very well., very animated.  We ended up doing it outside in the shade because it was too stiffling hot inside the church.
While many of the others went to show the film, Fifi and I stayed back to talk.  After eating a bit, I had a quick shower to cool down and read in bed with light from a candle and my flashlight.
During the night the bats were very noisy.  I'm sure at one point one was flying around in our room.  Honestly I appreciate our mosquito net for more than just protection from mosquitos.  When the bats finally seemed to settle down, it started to rain.  Hard!  Rain on a tin roof is deafening.  No way to sleep.  When I checked the time it was 3:30AM.  I don't think I ever really went back to sleep.  It continued to rain a long time.  I hope this means that things will have cooled down some in the morning.


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