Our 36 Day God Adventure in the Bandundu

Day 33 : Friday, October 7, 2011

Great sleep.  Woke up at 5AM but still too tired to get up.  Finally by 6ish I make a trip to the outhouse and then crawl back into bed.  I just can't stay vertical.  So tired.
By the time breakfast is ready around 9AM  I'm very hungry.  It is raining very hard and it's difficult to talk over the noise of the rain on the roof.  God has been so good.  We've not had rain like this on any travelling days which would have made diffiuclt trips even worse.  We trust our 10th and final one will once again be blessed with good weather.
Checked my email this morning.  I'm really missing my kids and daydreaming a lot about all being together soon in Canada.  I wait for the rain to finally stop to do laundry.  It's coming down in buckets.  At this point I'm only doing hte absolute necessary for our remaining time until we're back home.  Everything will have to be washed (by hand) once I get back there - no doubt that will be work over a number of days.
Finally the rain has stopped.  There's a lovely breeze.  The clothes are drying on a bush.  It looks like there could still be more rain to come so I will have to keep my eyes peeled so I can rescue them if it does rain agian.
Pierre came to get Richard to come and take a picture of a snake out in the yeard.  Actually it looks like a humungous pink earth worm.  We aare told that in the Congolese belief system the arrival of a harmless snake is a good sign of welcoming us.  If it wasa venemous one, the opposite would be true.
The sunburn that I somehow got at Masi on my arms while sitting in the shade is now a farmer's tan.
All the meals are later than normal today.  I'm hungry and hope it won't be long even though I'm so weary of eating basically the same heavy meal every day.  But so many here would love what we are offered so I thank God for His gracious provision.  By lunch I'm having severe aches in my legs and back and I start to feel chilled.  Then hot.  Fever.  It's now after 2 and it's announced that there is a service at 3PM.  Who wants to preach?  Silence.  Several times the subject is broached and met with the same response.  Richard finally says he will do it if no one else does.  Guess that settles that!  I just want to lie down again.  Hope the tylenol soon kicks in.  Tomorrow is going to be a very heavy day because Sunday we have a lot less time because of the serivce.
The rest of the day I battle with the aching, chills and fever.
Thankfully I fall asleep fairly easily until 2:30AM.  After that sleep evades me.  Massive chills.  I just can't get warm.  Finally by snuggling close to Richard for body heat, and two more tylenols, the chills subside.  Then I'm hot, so hot...  This last training could be a challenge.


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